Electrical and Instrumentation

Electrical and Instrumentation

Electrical Engineering

   Electrical Design Basis

   Equipment Sizing & Specifications (Switchgear, Transformers, Generators, Etc) And Equipment Datasheets

   Electrical Load List

   Sizing Calculation For UPS, Cables , Earthing And Lighting

   Lighting Calculations / Lightening Protection

   Layouts-cable Routing ; Earthing; Indoor /outdoor Lighting; Electrical Field Equipment And Electrical Building Equipment Electrical Cable Block Diagram ;cable Schedule And Typical Installation Details

   Single Line Diagrams

   Complete System Design From HT Incomer Up To User Points

   Control Schematics

   Fire Alarm, PA And Communication Systems

   Specifications, And Vendor Drawing Review

Instrumentation Engineering

   Instrument Specifications

   Design Basis & Control Narratives

   System Specifications (DCS, ESD, F&G, BMS, Etc..)

   System I/O Schedules

   Instrument Datasheets

   Instrument Cable Block Diagram

   Instrument Schedule/ Cable Schedule/ JB Schedule/ Alarm & Trip Schedule

   Instrument Mounting Details

   Process & Pneumatic Tubing Details (Typical)

   Instrument / JB Location Layout

   Instrument Earthing Diagram

   Instrument Cable Routing Layout - Out Door & Indoor

   Equipment / Control Room Layouts

   Instrumentation Termination Drawings

   Loop Drawings

   E & I Interface Drawing