We offer periodic inspections for operational assets such as power plants, refineries or pipelines during their in-service life in order to assess the condition of parts and components and determine if any repairs are required. Depending on the equipment or plant, its age, condition and evaluated risk profile, different inspection approaches are used. Upon completion of the inspection, we provide comprehensive reports, document important findings and store them in a database for easy retrieval and analysis.

Our experts conduct visual inspections that are typically complemented by more sophisticated services in specific areas using non-destructive testing techniques. Moreover, our in-service inspections form the basis for providing asset integrity management (AIM) services to help you ensure even higher system availability. Our support will come as relief to your project team on site. We assist you in the evaluation of component quality, assessment and optimization of installation activities and preparation of required documentation. In addition, we make sure that the quality of manufacturing and construction is in accordance with current guidelines concerning energy, environment and economy. This guarantees smooth and expeditious project progress. Call on us locally at many different sites around the globe.

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